Journal 105 : meeting my idol

not that really meeting, it's just he became the emcee for the meet&greet of Jason Chen and Clara C in my campus today. I think most of teenager in malaysia know jinnyboy. i really like that guy, i'm even more eager to take picture with him rather than Jason Chen (sorry jasonnn, because you are out of reach and i didn't get the chance to meet&greet with you personally). so, in the end of the meet &greet , my friend took picture with jin, and i really wanted to, thank God, i took picture with him after asking can i take picture with you many times. i know he's busy but at that time i really can't keep myself calm. back home, i reflect that i became so annoying at that time. i think i realized at that time that maybe he got annoyed but professionally he keep smiling and told us to wait for a while. and i feel that i have to say i'm sorry to jin for pushing him to take picture with him. haha. so unfeminine for me to beg to people even to the annoying level. i'm sure i should keep my behavior to be more polite, and more mature. duh, i just realized also how childish i am. haha. i should be able


Review Movie: Something Borrowed

Title : Something Borrowed
Stars : Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Collin Egglesfield, John Krasinski.

See in IMDB here

Rating (from me) : 9/10

Synopsis :
Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé. (from IMDB)


Journal 104: Movie Day (and Night)!

I just finished 3 exams and still have 4 more exams to go. but now i'm enjoying myself first. hihihi. i already watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow, and now I'm watching Something Borrowed. seems like a movie marathon and it starts with S? lol. coincidentally. I can't give any comment since Sherlock Holmes is damn nice, and I keep being awed by the movie, especially the story and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's acting. They are so amazing, that I was thinking it's such a nice pair even though I still prefer Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I love Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, he simply like pop out from my imagination about Dr. Watson though I haven't read the novel itself. It seems for me if there are so many movies about one book, I won't waste my time to read it unless it's really worth it. I'm not saying that Sherlock Holmes is not worth it, it's different case. I just can't afford to buy the series or the compilation books of Sherlock Holmes, it costs me a fortune (nah, just a phrase to say it's damn expensive). And I really love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, he's perfect for this role. I became a fan of him now, and started hunting down all the movies and series where he starred. Unfortunately, I'm not that crazy to hunt all, only some that I like. Still, personal preference is relied on this case, not only the idolization.

Now, currently I'm watching Something Borrowed. I know the story about this movie, it based on a novel by Emilly Griffin. I researched, I read some reviews, and I don't think I will read the book after I watched this movie for 20 minutes already and I already started developing my dislike for this movie. Let say I'm quite a feminist, I don't like the idea of a woman cheating behind her best friend with her best friend's fiance. It's the most incurable, lowest act, immorality of all. I really hate that kind of story, but I know, it happens in reality. shit happens, and we can't do anything except wipe it off with tissue, maybe?


Journal 103

lagi kesel banget sama temen sekelompok. tugas kelompok gini ya kerja bareng lah. pas kerja bareng, muka pake busuk2 gitu, pake acara bad mood, muka cemberut, kesel gw liatnya. lu kira cuma lu yg bad mood? gw yang liat juga ikutan bad mood. gw tau lu ga suka sama temen gw, bukan berarti lu bisa seenaknya ganti2 kerjaan gw. gw susah payah ngerjain itu ga tidur. gw tanya pendapat lu, lu bilang terserah gw, ya yang pada akhirnya gw kerjain terserah gw juga, in the end lu malah sok2 ngomong klo lu ngerjain sendiri. tau ga sih salah lu apa? lu ga menghargai pas gw tanya2, lu malah jawab terserah gw, setelah gw kerjain, lu malah sok2 bilang itu salah dan ganti sendiri, and in the end no one understand it and you have to finish all by yourself. and you want to find your best friend as your ally, but you know that even that best friend of yours also don't want to do that assignment, cz she herself is also lazy, even to attend the class!!! bah, muak gw sama orang2 ini. gw berusaha bersikap baik, lu manfaatin. you always demand me to do nice things to you, but you didn't give back to me. what kind of friend are you? frien-emy? 

hah. tuh kan jadi postingan di blog ini negatif smuaaa. hikssss.

tunggu pas saya bahagia dan ingin membaginya dengan kalian semua, hahahaha.

soy una persona alegre, so i'll be back with a more cheerful story to write.



Journal 102

well, before i will explain very shortly about Running Man. It's korean variety show which consist of 7 main character, and they need to run in every episodes, do the mission, and etc. it's veryyy funny, though some people don't think so. if me, i'll get pissed if i like the guest but they lose, so i keep swearing. hahaha.

ALERT: This review is in Bahasa Indonesia, and not a full review since i don't feel like i'm a reviewer