Journal 124: Respect others if you want to be respected, and my flat life (lol)

I have crossed with so many people who wish to be respected but never try to see themselves and respect others first. I hate it when they pointed me as I sometimes don't really answer people to their stupid chatty chat. Sometimes, they speak nonsense. I do speak nonsense, but always in the right time. This person, however, treat people as if they are lower than her. What's with that gesture? petting other's head as if they are your dog? do you wish us to be obedient towards you? it might be my angry side, but seriously, it's not respectful, especially head is the highest part of human. and moreover, with that command tone, do you wish me to follow your order? sorry, I do what I want to do, not because I obey you. It quite angered me, but I tried to forget those things, telling myself that it's so childish to get angry over simple thing (for others).

well, i'm over it now, and i'm in the midst of editing my pic from C2AGE last weekend. :))) so nice that i can take a look of other photographers on how they take pic of dolls. I'm such a sucker for dolls, and yeah, it's not a full body but a close up. I hate close up, cz it's such a waste of the clothes and accessories when you only take the face (I love details, and yeah, that's my habit. *tuktuk*)

cz i haven't finished editing, but i will upload partly that i already edited. hmm. i took some, but not so nice. still learning. teehee. do give me advise on how i should take pic or editing it. your advise and suggestion are much appreciated :)

Boo. so cutee righttt. this pic is still raw, but i like it
I can't wait for holidays to go to some places and take more photos. I love taking photos, not gonna make it as my profession, but it's nice to take pic :) there is a relieve and excitement when you do your hobby.

Oh yaa, last time I went to Reach Out by 1M4U. the concert has Jason Chen, David Choi, Kina Grannis, Madilyn Bailey, and Jun Sung Ahn. just wanna show off some pic. lol
the YouTube artists

my fave. always love random pic. haha. #ReachOut

he threw his shirt, and i feel sad.

duet. :)