Day 6 : happy

...and today I feel so happy and it feels so easy to be happy. but when you realize and worried of the happiness, knowing that things don't last forever.

Day 5 : if only I was not so afraid

If only I was not so afraid
I would have told you that I liked you from the start
I would have told you that I loved you then
I was a fool for letting my fear led my feeling

I was afraid of your rejection
but by the time I gathered all my courage
By that time I knew you love somebody else
and I knew I was too late
if only I was not so afraid

*handwritten with revision

It's been long time since I wrote the last time. I am so busy with work and have no time until the inspiration came to hit me and I have to write it down because I don't have my laptop with me.

I guess, love is not all about happiness and flower.


Day 4: friends

sometimes life turns you to an unexpected path
the path that leads in front is full of pebbles,
makes you hard to go smoothly forward
but in the middle of the journey, you'll find people
who will become your friends or enemies.
whichever is your choice

for me, I found that not everyone can be your friend at the beginning
they somehow can become your enemy, or not even anything
those who starts off as your friend, might become your enemy on the next day
but what I understand is that, I must never talk behind them
people are sensitive and we want respect and trust in return

but to those who stays as my friends
thank you very much
you never know how thankful I am to have you guys
to share my story, my burden and happiness with you all
to receive the wise advice and suggestion
to know that I am cherished and so am I, cherish you all in my life. :)


Day 3 : love

most of the time
we talk about love
why love is so interesting?

the heart beating
the thought of someone
that makes you smile no reason
the small little thing you remember about them
even in your daily life
makes you think of them

the heart that is beating
for someone even faster
ever stronger
the rush on your ear
the singing in your blood
the butterfly in your stomach

would you switch it to something trivial
the experience won't be the same
the birds won't be singing as beautifully
the air won't be as fresh
the sky won't be as blue and bright
if love wasn't there

Day 2: when

when the loneliness hit
what did you do?
well, me, I would cling on to someone
who would listen to my weird joke on first hearing
who would sit beside me during lunch
who would talk to me about their day
who would make me laugh easily
but, I know that that loneliness would turn up into
so I tried to avoid it
like a plague

but when someone chase away your loneliness
it would make them your superhero
they become the light
in your life
and the closer you are to the light
the bigger shadow in your heart
that make you realize, once the light has gone
it will turn into darkness
the darkness in the heart
that turns into cold and loneliness

somehow, everything turns back into the time
the time when we begin...