Journal 89: Favorite list

i'm in mood to make my favorite list. hehehe

All time favorite movie : The Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Movie)
 I don't know why I love this movie. maybe because it taught us that love will guide you in good way. to become pretty, to improve ourselves in order to reach our dream. i really really love this movie. wish they have the sequel or spin off :)

All time favorite song : IU - Good Day
  trend may change, but this song is always in my playlist from first time it's out. feels like this song describe my (love) life. haha. and i never get bored listening to it.

All time favorite book : i always love romance books that have good plot, good character, and of course ga menye-menye (ga bisa translate ke inggris apa itu menye2) haha. so, yeahh, it's not all time, but relatively. lol

All time favorite food : rendang (although makes me got tooth-ache, but i love it so much. it's a typical food (makanan khas) from Padang, West Sumatra), Pempek (forever and always)

All time favorite quote : so many books, so little time -Frank Zappa

i think i will put more all-time-favorite on this list later hahaha. have a nice day!

btw, today is Imlek, Happy Lunar New Year everyone. Gong xi fa cai! May this snake year brings you and your family prosperity, joy, and happiness :)


hello february

it's a bit late though, but yeahh, welcome february. it's a happy month (must be). Chinese New Year (imlek), Valentine (love is in the air) yeahh, full of happy atmosphere. but here i am, in stress, shock, freak out mood. suddenly i was chosen as the head of activities and entertainment. it's stressful since i never held a concert before and was given a big responsibilities, although only for the preview. i'm stress nowwww, if anyone can help me to do this, pleaseeee, comment below.