Journal 105 : meeting my idol

not that really meeting, it's just he became the emcee for the meet&greet of Jason Chen and Clara C in my campus today. I think most of teenager in malaysia know jinnyboy. i really like that guy, i'm even more eager to take picture with him rather than Jason Chen (sorry jasonnn, because you are out of reach and i didn't get the chance to meet&greet with you personally). so, in the end of the meet &greet , my friend took picture with jin, and i really wanted to, thank God, i took picture with him after asking can i take picture with you many times. i know he's busy but at that time i really can't keep myself calm. back home, i reflect that i became so annoying at that time. i think i realized at that time that maybe he got annoyed but professionally he keep smiling and told us to wait for a while. and i feel that i have to say i'm sorry to jin for pushing him to take picture with him. haha. so unfeminine for me to beg to people even to the annoying level. i'm sure i should keep my behavior to be more polite, and more mature. duh, i just realized also how childish i am. haha. i should be able
to be more mature since i'm university student, despite of my young age. should be more mature and polite around people. thank you jin for letting me take picture with you, even smile to my camera. hahahaha. wish that i can talk to you for more and i hope you don't forget to give me 100 bucks as you promised before! lol

and i don't know should i feel bad or not when my housemates brought her friends to the meet and greet and this one boy in their group didn't get a seat beside them and sit beside me instead. he didn't have his friends to chit chat together, and my housemate asked me to move. but i don't want. because i queued for so long only to get the middle front seat and i have to give up all of my sacrifice only for them? what did he do for me to get such a privilege? i met him before, and he's so annoying, so snob, thinking that he's the most handsome guy. duh, from that time i don't like him, i even never talk to him because when i wanted to start conversation with him, he ignored me clearly. so sorry for that boy. well, i know what i think is wrong (to "what did he do for me to get such privilege), but i also don't want to give up my seat. i might come alone, i don't have my friend to fight along with me, but, can't you think my position? can you be in my position and think for awhile what will you do if you are in my position? are you that generous to give up your right? because you know me that's why you dare to ask me to move, but if it's someone else, you would think another way so that your friend will get accompany right?

and i think today they will start the silence war in the house. i don't like this. hope they can understand my position. (if they are a good person)

PS: i just realized because of Paulo Coelho's tweet. @paulocoelho: What people think of you is none of your business. so i think i shouldn't think about what my housemates will think about me, what other people will think about me. as long as what i do is okay for me and not disadvantaging others.

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