Journal 112

I guess I found the answer now. I'm afraid of being hurt. Nah, nevermind. 'tis just my realization tonight while looking at window in the bus and reflect upon what happen today. I tend to avoid people who try to get close with me. What I said in my brain was treat this person nicely, answer them in polite way, but yeah, in the end I end up answering them in hmm, quite rude way, and I can't even make any further conversation with them. and shoot, I think there is something wrong with me that I tend to avoid people. why? and I guess I will take the counselling session again. :'(

Btw, happy halloween everyone! It supposed to be yesterday, but I just celebrated it today with bunch of my friends in anime society. Well, every time I'm telling people that I join anime society, it feels like they see it as a kids community. I hate how they already think that way without even experiencing it. and I feel like I find a balance between PATA-MTSC and Anime Society, when PATA is more serious and I have fun in Anime Society. Well, I found a balance in my life already (maybe), although somehow, I don't feel comfortable in anime society, maybe because I'm new, and I don't really know many people, and they are also as introvert as me.

My other problem is I always taking bath late night. My mom, my sister, even my housemates asked me and told me why I take bath late night? It's not good for health, they said. but what can I do when the laziness just come over me? lol ( I always can find a reason in this problem )

well, I supposed to wash my face now. hiks, but I won't give up, even if the~~ *nanananana* don't continue singing! lately I like to continue people talking with song lyric. lol. it's just super funny for me, but not for them and sometimes i feel sad. why only me enjoying this humor?

nah, i better end this post and go take a bath! lolol~

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