Journal 106: Drama Week!

Well, first of all, HAPPY EID MUBARAK FOR ALL MUSLIM OUT THERE! May this Aidil Fitri brings you and your family joy, happiness, and prosperity.

because of Eid Mubarak and semester break, I have a very long holiday this time. 3 weeks, and I can't go back to my home. Tickets are expensive because many people going back to their hometown, and I have many things to do here, so yeah, I have to wait until the right time. I have main plan and back-up plan though, so what I need to wait is the time. T_T. waiting is boring, so while waiting, I watch some drama, well, korean drama. hahaha. Before, I really love to watch drama, but now, I found it is quite boring, so full of drama (of course, that's why it's called drama). I find myself can't enjoy the story, because it's so full of lie, or, exaggeration? well, because I start my week with Nice Guy, where Song Joong Ki is the main cast. nah, I like him, I like his acting, it's nice, but I'm more into Lee Kwang Soo, who played as his best friend. More convincing, and real. How can a guy really let out their tears in front of girls or even in public? I dunno, I just never found it, except in funeral. same goes with That Winter, The Wind Blows, though yeahhh, I like this one more than Nice Guy. a bit, maybe, because it's also full of tears. I'm in
no mood for tears, but I'm also lazy to start reading e-book, so just let it be.
Nice Guy
The Greatest Love

what I like the most is The Greatest Love, where Cha Seung Won played. it's romantic comedy. Yes, they have crying scene, but I like romantic comedy more, not melodrama. eh, I just realized, maybe I like drama, but with romantic comedy genre, not melodrama. In the future, I should avoid melodrama. hahaha. and oh! did I forget to mention, that i love the doctor in this drama, he's on the right side of the picture. so cute and handsome!~~ totally my type! hahaha.
That Winter The Wind Blows

and yet, I haven't finished That Winter, sooooo, I need to continue watching while searching for the review, if it's worth my time to finish all the episodes. hahahaha.

cute joong ki! >.<