Journal 104: Movie Day (and Night)!

I just finished 3 exams and still have 4 more exams to go. but now i'm enjoying myself first. hihihi. i already watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow, and now I'm watching Something Borrowed. seems like a movie marathon and it starts with S? lol. coincidentally. I can't give any comment since Sherlock Holmes is damn nice, and I keep being awed by the movie, especially the story and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's acting. They are so amazing, that I was thinking it's such a nice pair even though I still prefer Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I love Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, he simply like pop out from my imagination about Dr. Watson though I haven't read the novel itself. It seems for me if there are so many movies about one book, I won't waste my time to read it unless it's really worth it. I'm not saying that Sherlock Holmes is not worth it, it's different case. I just can't afford to buy the series or the compilation books of Sherlock Holmes, it costs me a fortune (nah, just a phrase to say it's damn expensive). And I really love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, he's perfect for this role. I became a fan of him now, and started hunting down all the movies and series where he starred. Unfortunately, I'm not that crazy to hunt all, only some that I like. Still, personal preference is relied on this case, not only the idolization.

Now, currently I'm watching Something Borrowed. I know the story about this movie, it based on a novel by Emilly Griffin. I researched, I read some reviews, and I don't think I will read the book after I watched this movie for 20 minutes already and I already started developing my dislike for this movie. Let say I'm quite a feminist, I don't like the idea of a woman cheating behind her best friend with her best friend's fiance. It's the most incurable, lowest act, immorality of all. I really hate that kind of story, but I know, it happens in reality. shit happens, and we can't do anything except wipe it off with tissue, maybe?

but I was determined, the first time I downloaded this movie, I know it won't be a pleasant feeling during my time watching this movie. I know this is wasting my time, I can't help it, I'm curious about the story, how is the end for Darcy, and I know Rachel will marry that handsome guy, but how about the cute guy? I wish the cute guy will get his happy ending too. Maybe in another story but relate to this book.

So I'm going to continue watching the movie. Just so you know that I realize I like reading books or watching movies but I'm very bad when it comes to review. Maybe this is what they say life is unfair, when people like reading books but they can't write the review and can't win a giveaway of free books? and we still have to read books and have to buy the books with our own pocket money? So, I hope that life will be fair for me by getting me a good job to earn more money to fulfill my hobby of reading books. of course I need to work hard also to get what I dream of. :)

you know, you must believe within yourself that you can get what you want in your life, just don't be too ambitious. haha. and you shall enjoy the joy when your dream came true. ;9

wish me good luck for my another exams, and i wish you a happy (every)day :D


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