Review Movie: Something Borrowed

Title : Something Borrowed
Stars : Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Collin Egglesfield, John Krasinski.

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Rating (from me) : 9/10

Synopsis :
Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé. (from IMDB)


Rachel and Darcy are best friend from childhood. They are always together. Darcy is always the bold one, cheerful, a party-goer, when Rachel is a quite sweet girl, smart, and a good listener. Then, Rachel met a guy, Dexter (Dex), who borrowed her a pen in the class. She liked him, and one day, Darcy saw her and Dex in a cafe, and Darcy fell in love with him. They started dating, and Rachel can't stand seeing both of them because she liked Dex, but she have to support her best friend. She met Ethan in her work place. Ethan liked her, but she never realized until one day Ethan told her that she's first choice of someone's else, which is him. On her birthday, she did one mistake, she slept with Dex, Darcy's fiance. She knew it was a mistake but she can't help feeling happy. Dex told her that he loved her, but then the wedding day is coming. Darcy felt confused whether she should go on with the wedding or called it off. But Rachel thought that as best friend, she should support her, so she told Darcy that she must marry Dex. Rachel knows this hurt her heart, but she doesn't want to hurt her best friend more. She ran away to London, met Ethan, and that's where Ethan told her that he loved her. Rachel realized that this is not her to run away from trouble, she will be back for her best friend. Later on, she found out that Dex called off his wedding with Darcy. Dex came to her house, so does Darcy. Darcy found out the reason why Dex called off the wedding, because he loved Rachel, and she hates Rachel for stealing her fiance. and yeah, of course in the end of this movie, Rachel and Dex is together.

So how about Ethan? I read the review of the second book that he will be with Darcy, although really, I want him to be with Rachel, and no one is hurt except Rachel and Dex, but yeah it's same. if Dex and Rachel were not together, they will be hurt, if Dex and Rachel were together, Darcy and Ethan get hurts. so, it's okay being an egoist for one time right? It's not only you who always to give up for your own happiness. You should know whether you should give up or fight for it.

This movie is based on a novel. The cover book is up here. and I feel like I don't want to read the book because I already watched the movie and more or less it will be the same, and I don't want to feel upset and angry and annoying because of the plot story. The most plot story I hate is when you cheat on your best friend's fiance or boyfriend, because it's like there is no other man in this world for you. Really, I know that the population of women in this world is far more a lot than men, but you still can find it somewhere. I know he's your first love, but you know, you should be able to forget him and forgive your best friend, though I know reality is hurt. I don't think I will be able to tell myself if this happened to me. But I'm satisfied with this movie, though I think I should sneak a peek in the novel.

I like Kate Hudson for being able to express Darcy's character. She's a totally spoiled brat, but she's nice and sometimes looks lonely. I don't know, I just feel it that way. I hope she will get a happy ending also, because she's a good person. But, one thing, I don't understand what happen to her in the last scene when she's holding her belly. Is she pregnant? I can't really get what she said about her being pregnant, who is she get pregnant with? anyone can tell me why??? thank youu.

I feel sad for Rachel because after a long friendship with Darcy, she lost it because of Dex. I don't feel it's right because, wouldn't you feel very lonely although you get a boyfriend but you lost your very close best friend? and my question is will the 2nd book about Darcy will be filmed? because I want to see Darcy and Rachel together. I adored their friendship because I never experienced such a long time friendship.

I called him (Ethan) a cute guy. He's so cute that I can't resist his puppy eyes when he told Rachel that she's his first choice and even until now is still the one. and I called Dex the handsome guy. well, I like cute guy more than handsome, but both is okay as long as they are hmm...has nice personality, easy going person. :)

well, this is my review, enjoy watching. I might feel so annoying towards this movie because I hate the idea of the story, but it's nice, and has hidden "message" inside.


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