Day 1: Starting over

well, here I am
new city, new ambiance
was thinking if I will ever fit in
this loneliness somehow succumb me into the next level
life was never always beautiful
too happy makes you drown without realizing

life goes on
so does time
before I always think I have it all
but now, reality crashes in and I don't know what to do
people don't trust easily when you show your heart on your sleeve
you gotta put on the same mask and they will feel uneasy no more

so I put my heads up
well I am trying to
tell myself to put myself first
tell myself to love myself in this lonely city
so that I won't think of depending on anyone

hey, isn't this part of growing up?
you come and go
they come and go
those who stays, will stay forever
but some will move on

indeed, life goes on
and here I am starting over
hopefully, I can survive this
and be the champion myself proud of.

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