Journal 128: Family and Living Alone

It has been 3 years now since I'm studying abroad. At first, I was good with this condition, you know, I feel proud of myself that I can live alone, independently, without my family, especially my mom always by my side. Now, after I came back from a long holiday from my hometown, I feel the loneliness. It is very lonely, you know, to have no one who you can share your story, who will tell you a story that can make you laugh, think and give opinions about. I will warn you first that this post is made out of my homesickness today. I missed my family, they are, I realized, the best thing that ever happened to my life, the best thing I've ever had, and the most important part of me. I might say something bad about them in the past, to show my unsatisfactory towards them, but they are the most I loved, love, and will ever love. hahaha, I used so many tenses, eh?

Time past, gradually, eventually, and I hope I will graduate faster and can come back hometown and meet them again, although I know I'll leave them again for my internship. Life, if it's not about meeting and separation, it's not a real life. Nothing's going on as what you planned in this world.

okay , i guess if i keep writing i'll keep mumbling some words that I was thinking, because actually I have no plan to write this journal again.

Being independent and missing your family is two different things, you can be independent while you are missing them. i guess this is an advice for myself. :))

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