Journal 120

Hola! I am backkkk~ this is the busiest month everrr in my campus life. Oh yeaa, I am still studying, sorry to disappoint you with my old chatty chat in the previous blog. lol. To be honest, I love being busy. lol. It occupies my mind with things I need to do and I keep moving. That's, maybe, one of the secret, why I became quite fat now (move to another restaurant, doing assignment and eat there. lol)

This time has come for me as a semester 4 college student. hell, so many assignments, project assignment, group assignment, presentation. Give me a break please.

and, ohlala, I understand now why the staff in my internship place there always work overtime. The demand of quotations and how 2 people can handle all the requests and tours and still need to follow up until the end of the tours and the clients go back to their home country, is just a REAL deal! Only asking for quotation for 1 tour (from different travel agent) and I'm already going to be a mad girl. lol. Feeling dizzy already @.@

and, ouch, I don't think I will think about love life lately. I guess my busy-ness diverted my mind from being emo and thinking why I'm still single until now. kkkk. well, love will find its right time. If love can't find me, I'm sure as hell gonna go to sleep and watching movies. the hell with love life, I still have chocolate and sweets to pledge their love to me~ :p

wait, what am I doing now? still watching Harry Potter, pausing it for 2 hours more and browsing about the plot story since I watch it without the subtitle and I didn't get it. Continue to open Fb and chatting with my friends. time to get back to Harry Potter. done with assignment, no class for tomorrow, it's time to relax and finish the face mask that I bought (4 masks actually, and all of them are wash-off masks, it will take a longer time than the expiry time of it)

last but not least, say please and thank you, following by a sweet smile to everyone around you is gonna make someone's day!

have a nice day, everyone! :)))

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