Journal 111

what I learnt today is don't get amazed and make conclusion too fast. I guess this weaknesses of mine makes me break my heart more often. lol. sometimes I like to make this perception of man that they are nice to you, they tease you because they like you. maybe they like you, but in friendly way, not romantically. and now i think i will close my heart for awhile, until i think it's the time to open again. but, it's very easy to impress me. just make me laugh, i will definitely like this person. because i like people who can make me happy. don't you agree? you would want a person you will spend most of your time makes you always happy, right? and i think, i don't wanna be close with people, because when they leave you, it wouldn't feel so lonely. i just want to prevent closeness. it's difficult to trust and close with others, and when there is a problem, it's very easy to break away and separated.

i finished watching Music & Lyrics just now, led by Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. he's so handsomeeee~~ hahaha. i love his acting in this movie, so heart-achingly. :( some parts i really cried, i don't know why, i must be carried away by the sentimental feeling. hahaha. but towards the ending, it seems that it was hurried away to be finished. :/

altogether, i enjoy the movie, should sleep now. i'm so happy today. although the trip was not worth of the money, but i enjoy meeting new people. you guys are crack laaa! hahaha.


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