Journal 96

Firstly I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY DEAR FRIEND, YU-CHANNN~ Wish you a very happy birthday, have a nice day, graduate soon, get a good job, don't lose contact with me and ren-chan, stay healthy (exercise more) hahaa because i know you are getting fatter now!!!! U even recommend me nice food with cheap price! lol!!! #justkidding

and secondly, i feel grateful that i chose to go for counseling. People might think i'm crazy or what, but I do need counseling since living in foreign country feels so strange, no friend to share with, and only with my counselor, i can tell her anything i want. she looks like my sister or aunt or even friend because she treats me well. i know it's part of her job, but it's so nice for her to be patiently listen to me although i can't really speak english well. I'm not good in expressing my emotion when it comes to speaking and it's not my mother tongue. i'm so thankful of her, i hope she's not feeling tired when listen to my story. jajaja.

and u know what, i get spanish class as my elective subject and i feel like the language is quite same with my country's language. of course, because my country was colonized by Portuguese and Spanish. and my favorite word is Gratis! hahaha.

and my family will come here for the holiday . i can't go back to my hometown since this visa renewal issue is very complicated and waste so many time. i hope i can go back for awhile and later go travel with my friends! :D

i was asked today why i don't have any close friends in class. i dunno, i think many people affect me to think so. i dunno. i can't give the explanation. huhu.

i really wanna sleep now, can't write any longer. btw, i feel so relieved now that i come back to write in my blog at least although i didn't tell my story through speaking, but through writing is already enough. :)

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