Journal 95

I was hoping that next week is my free week, but it seems that assignment and final exam for spanish class choose to come in next week. i want to sleep more, i want to exercise more, but it seems that assignment always become the barrier between us *ceilee. I already planned to exercise and diet because i don't want to have more double chin and fats on my stomach. hiks. I have to go to gym and starts doing it before i feel like procrastinating it. lol. i'm hungry now since i only have snow ice cream as my dinner. hiks. i miss dumplings and wanton and indonesian food. sometimes , i feel so homesick.

i feel so happy today but contrast, i feel so bad today. the good news is my debate team won the class debate. thanks to my classmate, he's very awesome if i can say it in front of him, but later he'll be big head. he did a good job, even got 5 marks, unfortunately become 4 because he exceeded the time. it's very nice to learn from him. he's very experience in public speaking (fyi, he's older than me), and his knowledge is very vast. i admire him, he's like a role model for me. he can be playful but at the same time very serious because he's a businessman, so his nature is unpredictable. he has scolded me before (he's the chairperson of my class tour), but i know in my heart, although i feel angry that he scold me in front of his friends, he speaks the truth. he gave me a lot of things to learn about. he's like a brother for me (if he wants me to refer him so).

and another side, i feel bad today, i don't want to use card again for shopping. it's worst, complicated, and i don't want my mom there is worried about me and i don't want to upset my parents. they already work hard for me , for me to study here, and i don't want to add more worry on their shoulder. i want them to be proud of me, i don't want to upset them, and i feel like every day i learn my lesson about life. people around me makes me learn, not lean on them. i learn to be independent, but sometimes i need to depend on someone else, to help me grow up!

have a nice day everyone!

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