Journal 94 : Reflection

I just realized today when I did group discussion with my classmates for our assignment. Before, I always thought that I can do everything, I understand everything, I'm smarter than them. In fact, they are better than me and I have to lower my over-confident, see others and look into myself and I lack so many things. I'm too proud of myself so I don't really respect others. I read Tuesdays With Morrie, and I realize, I never gave all of myself to listen to what others think and talk about. I'm lack in listening, I speak too much, and I want to learn from my mistakes. I want to listen more, although actually I want to speak more (because I'm always quiet and talk to myself and when someone ask me to speak about things, I can't stop myself to share. hahaha.)

I want to change myself, I want to be more talkative, listen to others carefully, out from my safe shell, I want to express myself but not too much, I want to try to learn from others because they are more expert than me. and i want to respect others more. before, i always think of myself highly, i always think other people are wrong, now i realized, it's me who is wrong and sometimes i like to imagine more rather than see the reality. i have to be in real life now, not in my dreaming. i have to move on. i know reality sometimes hurts, but that's life. Confusius said, it's not about you never falling, but rising in every your fall.

and this semester really opens my eyes. that i'm not as good as what i imagine and respect others and everyone has their own skill and we shouldn't look down at others. i should try something new, be more brave, and not to be childish by jealous to others excellence. and i have to study more diligently.

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