Journal 101 : no mention status

what do you think when people write no mention status and you know EXACTLY it's about you? moreover, it's not a good thing about you.

and do you think you are BETTER than anyone else? please, watch yourself on mirror because you are not THAT GREAT. making no mention status is not only rude, but abusing others. you might think that person not reading yours, but not if it's on facebook when we are "friend".

I know u don't like the person, it's okay, but no mention status? that is rude. plus with your comment. should i tag you now in my status, clearly that I despise your personality? you might think you are handsome/beautiful but not with your personality.

I really hate with this kind of no mention status. I despise it. I know it's your facebook, but you should mind others, especially the person that you want-to-mention-but-you-don't-want-him/her-know-that-you-talk-bad-about-them is "friend" with you in facebook.

I even never want to start one, but at the same time, this guy really brought my temper up. He wrote the no mention status to me, I replied him with the same no mention status, and they replied me with no mention status. it's like a no-mention status war on facebook. i stopped it right away after they wrote another status. I don't want to continue to hurt people, to be misunderstood by people, so I stopped. I realize how does it feel. It's not a good feeling to have revenge by making no mention status. it only brings up more revenge and anger among people. so i really want to prevent this problem in the future. and i write this post as a reminder for me and all people outside there to be careful when you write status on facebook. it's not a private space at all now..

well, i wrote this post with a lot of anger and pissed off. hahahaha. i hope you also don't feel pissed off to me. lol.

have a good night!

PS : I'm sorry for my bad english. I hope you can at least understand what I want to tell about.

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