Journal 100 : cheer up!

Finally, journal 100!!! I guess, i should have a party then. lol. why cheer up? because one of my friend told me that she feel sad (i dunno what is the english for 'miris') when she read my journal. and when i read through what i have written, i feel like "oh my goodness, what happen to my life before? do i always feel emo like that?" hahahaha. yeah, sometimes i wrote when i feel sad, not when i'm happy. because it's like a car that consume petrol, happiness is the petrol, and the car usually drink it up all until finish and when the sadness (petrol is finished) come, you share it to everyone that you don't have money to buy the petrol (i don't know what i am talking about now, so just guess what i mean by saying those and tell me what i mean by saying it in the comment section. hahahaa)

so, i want to make a cheerful post now, without end up writing an emo post. lol. but i dunno how, i guess i should start practicing now, share my happiness to the world. lol.

actually, i love to make a joke, but you know, i feel sad when it's hard for them to get my joke. they always see me as a serious person, that's why they take my words as a serious matter. lol. for example, when they say about the road that has many police who always watch out in that area, they say that we have to be careful because we have more people in the car than it is allowed in the rule. so i told one of them that that are has so many police, even when you take a walk you should wear a helmet. and they were wondering, their expression shown that they can't believe it but in the end they said "ooohh. it's so scary"  they believe it for godsake!!!  hahahaa. and after 1 second, my housemate realize that i was joking and and tell her friend that i was joking.. lol. why it took so long for them to get my joke. lol.

ahhh, can i tell my recent condition here? we are covered in the haze now. the air is polluted very much, and the government told us to stay at home and this morning they declared that the air is in dangerous level now. and now i can't see clearly outside. my friend said it's like in the movie. in the middle of the haze, the monster will come out. lol. and when we passed the lake, i said maybe the lake monster will come out. hahahaha. we hope tomorrow the haze will go away though we really enjoy this sudden holiday. hahahaha. :D

btw, i became one of student ambassador to welcome the students from Hansung University. Welcome to Malaysia! i might not be a perfect SA, but i hope i can do a good job to present Taylor's. hehehe. I'm hoping to face a new, exciting experience with this group of students.

in the end, my spanish exam will be in 2 week consecutive. damn. i'm not good with spanishhhh~~~ *cry*

and now i'm doing my essay, i really need to finish it tonight so i can have time to prepare my presentation and study spanish and do my reflective learning.

have a nice day, everyone!

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