Journal 85: Hello November

my first post for this month. I'm not very active since last September since I was very busy with mid semester tests and assessments. Feels like wanna take a break, and yeah, God listen to my pray, He gives me holiday on Deepavali Day. I wanna use that day not going anywhere, just stay at home and finish my essay. I really NEED to FINISH MY ESSAY. I have been very stressful coz I don't have much time after classes to finish my essay. Life is even harder now.

I was touched last time. all my friends in school became very nice. they ask me if i'm okay or not. they were worried if they did anything wrong to me because i left school faster than usual. Usually i just followed them wherever they go, yesterday was not. sorry, i lost you guys, and also i got quite pissed off. haha. no need to worry, i won't blame you guys.

today is a happy day. got free dinner, eat as much as you can. how i love the beef!!! grilled beef with mushroom sauce in Temptations was soooooo nice!!! unfortunately, i think that Temptations rarely open their restaurant. I wanna eat that beef again.

today met new people. i don't know i cannot get along with fellow indonesians. haaaa.. so sad. maybe because i sat too far from them, or it just there is something wrong with me (they think i'm ugly maybe). it's okay i was having fun. saw some cute guys, but no desire to choose which one cause every eyes saw my beautiful friend. i know guys usually won't come around me. huhu :'( but i have to be confident! i'm a good person. hahaha.

have a nice day!

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