I'm Just A Shy Girl Who Falling In Love

you know, i think you're stupid
stupid that you don't know how long i have been waiting for you
stupid for making me wait
stupid for not replying my message
stupid for neglecting my presence

maybe you already know that i like you
but I'm afraid to start flirting on you
not like the other my friends who can flatter on you
I'm too shy to do so
because i know, I'm not flirting but telling you the truth
that i miss you so much
that i like you from the first time we talked to each other
that i want to know how you were doing.

i know I'm being stupid
by sending you message "how are you?"
and when you just replied "I'm fine."
and felt so sad of that , that you don't ask me back
and left you by replying "okay, byeee"
i didn't try to continue our chat, because I'm too shy to start

this is all of my feeling
if i could tell you one day
but i know that one day is even not existed for me
truly, I'm just a shy girl
who falling in love


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