Journal 82 : October wish

Mood : head-ache, back-ache
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I don't want to welcome October! But I have to, if i want to meet November and January. Oh shoot, why October comes so fast. I need a break. but i think my break is also already too long (so many connecting words in 1 sentence). I wish i can do my mid-sem test with good score. get a good marks for all subject, although it just 2.9, i'll try hard to make it 3.0 for next semester. I wish i can get my own break on November. I wanna go to Central Market to buy some souvenirs, I wanna go to PC Fair to buy camera, I want to go to Sungei Wang or Bukit Bintang to buy some clothes and sandal (i need some new clothes now), I wanna try to drink in Starbucks (although it costs me 2 times of my lunch and dinner), I wanna save some money through part-time work but i know i can't take it for this 1st semester, when i really desperately wanna go back to my hometown.

and now, let face the reality. I have a proposal presentation for next Monday, I have a presentation for my first Group Project on next Wednesday, I have to do volunteer in event project, without being paid, just get B,L,and D, and a t-shirt. I have a replacement class for tomorrow, and I have a workshop to attend tomorrow. Assignment, let see,,,, I have to finish the event presentation, the report, the proposal for SIT Project, Essay writing 1200 words with the topic youth conscious is brand things now. Next week is the week for mid-sem test, so i have a theory test for Tour&Travel operations, a practical test for TTO1 doing role play, poetry, drama, essay writing.

wow, my life now is so organized, and hectic.

my first post in October, i think gonna be the last too, don't you think so?


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