Journal 80 : suturessu~

jadi inget Kang Gary di Running Man yg suka bilang suteresuuu. hahhaa. dan mengingat kehidupan yang aku jalani sekarang, temanku berkata : kalo aku jadi kamu, menjalani hidup di lingkunganmu, mungkin aku bakal stress duluan. yah,, harusnya sih begitu, tapi aku santai kok. yang perlu kulakukan hanyalah menjadi ignorant. hanya sajaaa, ignorant-nya ke mereka doangg. ga ignorant k smua orang. eh, jadinya aku punya 2 personality yaaa.

today is very fun. what i love the most is that shopping!! relieve your stress. and i can tell them about my story freely. no need to worry that they will leak it. we also had BBQ~ :D but BBQ is expensive. huhuhu.

many things i bought, also finally i bought a hat! :D i love this kind of hat, but actually i just regretted it that we could bargain it cheaper than the price i got. but its okay laa, still cheaper.

haven't got any bag and purse. huhuu. will wait for next time laa. still have many time to explore this city. also, i bought rujak! here they call it rojak. it's like mix fruit, you pour the sugar syrup above the fruit. and i think this one is spicy. hikss.

here i became easily get hungry. i dunno why. i'm afraid i'll gain some weight. nooooooooo, dont want to spend my money on clothes againnnn...

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