Journal 79 : when it comes to boredom

already 3 weeks here, nothing's new in my life now. just the first-two weeks, every thing seemed sooooo new for me, but now, i didn't find anything new. no friend for journey, no friend for traveling. maybe the cause i didn't get a friend is that i was too boring? huhu, even i felt bored. in this long weekend, has nothing to do except staying at home for whole 4 days. shoot, i guessed i should have planned sth before this long weekend by going somewhere else or going around my apartment, or buying new swimsuit so that i could just go to the swimming pool, but what i'm doing now here typing my journal, watching Running Man, and going to continue with A Gentleman's Dignity.

talking about boredom, i want to explore some towns here, melaka, penang, batu caves, bukit bintang, sungei wang. aaaaaaaaaaa, all i wanna do is just shopping and going to beautiful places. of course shopping with little cost. hehehe.

nah, proposal, just remembered about it, hope they already finished it. actually, i really wanna be the leader, but yahh, i was not sure that i can handle it. so just let it to people who are desire to be a leader. this is also one reason why i never like to do group project. because i want to keep every thing in my handle, i want to make sure every thing is fine, but some times i'm also too bossy, so my partner also might feel pressured and ended up hating me. maybe i'm a control freak? who knows. and also i think i have this kind of obsessive compulsive although i'm not sure enough. i like to keep every thing cleans, but when i want to. i also like to see my desk looks neat, but not really. just when i'm in mood, so that's not obsessive compulsive right?

and i just realized till today that i haven't told my mom and  my dad, also my english teacher: miss Asiok, they are who already give support to me to learn english, my parents who paid my tuition fee, miss asiok who taught me english, if it's not because of them, i can't be here, schooling here, writing this blog in english. i'm so grateful of them. and thanks to God! :D

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