Journal 72 : chit here and there

Mood : tired of happiness!

it's good to have some reunions! i love reunion! there are a lot of untold stories, and needed to be spread out there! hahaha.
well, i did reunion with some my seniors from Economic Olympiad group and they told some stories from their college life. give us some advices how to face some conditions in campus and how to manage your money. wkwk. although it's easy to say, i know deep down inside our heart, we find it very difficult , when we hold some cash, and see sale and discount, or wanna eat something expensive. the money is just out from our wallet. hahaha.

and i know that college life would be harder than senior school, but they said, just enjoy your youth and college life, don't make it as your burden. but yahh, i have to be diligent in doing homework and assignments, they said if we cannot keep up with the time and assignment, we will lose to it, and end up with suicide. wish i could go through my 3-years-college-life safely. i don't want to do anything stupid, i want to work hard, study hard, make my parents proud of me. i really pray for it every time i went to vihara.

i wish we will make another appointments. it's fun to listen others' stories, i love to listen!

now, it's a good bye, but next is a good day! (what is thisss.... wkwk)

have a lovely day~

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