Journal 71 : some korean drama title

Well, the weather seems so hot for this month till September. always mostly sunny. i love windy. hikss.
hummm, lately, i wrote some stories in my phone, but i dunno how to copy it into my PC. huhu. i dunno how smartphone works. i'm not smarter than my phone :((

well, i'm in love with dramas now. korean drama. Queen Inhyeon's Man has the best kissing scene. hahaha, but still confusing. its story seems so stiff for the past, and sleek for the present. I love Ji Hyun Woo's smile, so cute! and i wish he and Yoo In Na will still be a couple forever. I love them being together, but I know that in entertainment industry, nothing lasts forever. i just hoping.

The King 2 Hearts has a good story line, although so many odd things happened, which i believe they can make it more natural but they didn't because it will make the drama no drama. (understand?). Lee Seung Gi's acting is for real!!! why he has such a great skill?? makes my heart pound when he smiled or sad when cried in the drama. anyway, i dunno if Ha Ji Won is older 2 years than Lee Seung Gi!! well, she really looks same age as Seung Gi or even younger than Seung Gi, i think. maybe she always smiles to every one, that's why she looks younger than her age.

after King 2 Hearts, will continue to Rooftop Prince, and i'm waiting for BIG dvd. hehehe. some people said that Rooftop Prince is the best of all, but let see later. I also adore Park Yoochun, he has such a young-look. haha. baby-faced also as Lee Seung Gi. hummm , my type of man has changed because of Seung Gi and Yoochun! before is Song Seung Heon. hehehe. but now, i move to Yoochun and Seung Gi. but Kim Tae Hee is still the first for lead actress! :D

just remember that i haven't finished those borrowed-books. olala, i dunno how to finish those in one month since i haven't done my packing :((

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