Journal 66 : it's a lil bit late but...

hey, it's already May, but shall I say "Hello May"? because I haven't greeted May! hoho.
this afternoon, i spent my time by watching Friends with Benefits and X-Men First Class. oh my God!!! can I say that I love the last one? XMFC is SOMETHING! hahaha. since i'm a fan of James McAvoy from his previous movie, Atonement, I found out that he doesn't lose his skill in this film, which is amaze me with his acting, and of course his charisma. but Michael Fassbender also gave me some shocks at the last minutes of XMFC. hohoho. they made me wondering till the end of the movie. 4.5 of 5 for this movie. well, the 0.5 for i don't really understand about this movie. ughhhh. i'm sorry. TT

about Friends with Benefits, ugh, can I say it kinda same with No Strings Attached? well, kind of friends-just-for-sex, and i felt uh no, so many bed scenes! i admit it that i enjoy it but i also think that it's just too much. hwhw. yeahhhh, but (so many but) i love Justin Timberlake now!!! he's soooooo cute, ya know. absolutely, in this movie. i like the plot in this movie, i like the reason behind why Dylan doesn't like a commitment. and how Jamie realized her true feeling and forgot about her promise to Dylan that they will be friend just for sex. hoho. overall i'll give 3 out of 5 for this movie.

i also want to write a review for Friends with Benefits and a book that i already finished, but i don't think that i will do it since i'm in holiday and i'm too lazy to write a review lately.

X-Men First Class