Journal 62 : Fever!

Mood : got head-ache!
Listen to : IU - Raindrops

duh, kena demam, sakit kepala, pilek, batuk, panas dalam, sakit tenggorokan dalam waktu sehari, ,yaitu kemarin. dan hari ini, saya harus menderita karena ada ujian praktek berbicara (pidato) dan try out matematika. really, i didn't study anything for math, either for speech. so there i was, like a fool. duhhh, doing every thing in rush doesn't give you any good result.

i will be so busy lately since i still have try out and school exam and national exam (so many examinations that if my head can explode, it will.)
i hope that i can write some book reviews in my blog, but lately i love to write it on goodreads. see you!
my goodreads account. just explore anything you want to know.

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