Journal 60 : miserable

Mood : not good
Listen to : SISTAR 19 - Ma Boy

everything is miserable today. i forgot to make my essay revision. and till now i haven't studied for my try out tomorrow. it's sociology. not good. i'm not good in multiple choice whenever it comes to sociology! eottohke? :(

lately i think of writing a story based on my imagination. hohoo. it will be fun, but i can't make a name. i think write the real people's name would be okay, since i'll make it like fanfict. i'm afraid when i publish it in my blog, they (people whose name i mention in my story) would disagree and get angry to me. errr. maybe i'll give a try in ms. word.

i'll be sooo busy for this whole months (february, march, april) it's going to be crazy months! @.@

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