Journal 47 : It's been a Long Time.

Mood : yawn

hello guys, it's been a long time since I had to face the exam for 2 weeks long.
so many things has happened but I totally forget about it, so I have no story to tell right now.
but, I'm planning to join a book giveaway and book review for getting some books. hahaha. wish me luck~

lately, I found out that I'm in love with zodiac tweets on twitter. see how many times I re-tweeted so many tweets about #Sagittarius, since I'm a Sagittarius

don't forget to watch out your steps. see ya!

PS : I went to karaoke yesterday, and it's quite fun. Later, I found out that Diva, is owned by Rossa-a famous female singer in Indonesia, has incomplete Korean songs!!! I really really wanted to sing SNSD and IU's!!! :(
also for their Japanese songs. :| but, I love the Large room~ haahahaha. they have 3 mics in it.

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