Journal 46 : Mianhae

Mood : feel sorry

huwaaa, I felt sorry really for my rude words yesterday in facebook message with my friends. i was mad since she talked like that (i can't explain why). that i replied her message so rude but with some jokes. hope she didn't get angry easily like me. actually, she's my ex-classmate. :/

o my god, i'm in hurry right now. should finish the book review for indonesia assignment, since i'm not a good writer, it must be in mess, but i'll try my best to fix every thing. >.<

oh double sh*t, next monday, i'll have final exam for semester 1. wish me luck. but i even hvn't studied yet. duh.

i wrote in abbrv. today. so many maybe. i'm in hurry. #panicccccc

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