Journal 43 : Happy birthday to me~

Happy Birthday to me~

Holaaaa. Today is special. It's my birthday~ hohoo. I'm 17th nowww~
Well, I don't celebrate it so I just celebrate it in my blog.~ hehehe
well, I never think that time would pass so fast till I got 17 now. :D
So many well. hehehe
but really, everyone forget about my birthday. even my family :( *sad*
but it's okay~ I'll celebrate it by myself. hoho.
but thanks to Ray-Uki-Senpai and Ce Sinchan for the congratulations. Hoho
and thanks to God for giving me such a long time to live (buat umur yang panjang sampai skarang). I'm very grateful now. :)
you know what? today , many people have their birthday. haha. Well, Happy Birthday to you who celebrate it today :D Let's have party!

Except, to realize, that today is my birthday, today is as usual, having breakfast, go to temple (?) to pray, finishing homework. duhhh. boring!

I checked again my photos CD. arghhhh. that photographer must be changed unless he really wanted to be fired! My face is so strange! it's worse than the picture I took by myself.! maybe I should be a photographer someday! I want to re-take my school photo!!!

yeah yeah. again, happy birthday to me :D
It would be a pleasure if you want to send me some gifts! I want novels and comics (don't ask!)

PS : no, I'm wrong, my mom did it on purpose. she pretended to forget but because of my lil brother, mo had to tell me. LOL.

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