Journal 39 : It has been a long time.

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Listen to : Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (yeah, I even don't know what's going on now)

It has been a long time since I made this kind of journal. it has reached 39 journal that actually I supposed to write it every day but I just made it when I can. so here I am in this odd number say "it has been a long time"

yeah. last Saturday (11/19) I watched SEA GAMES 2011 - Synchronized swimming in Jakabaring Aquatic Stadium. It was hot and nothing we can do except looking for a seat and ya know, we're all in time, because it'd be started at 12.00 a.m, and we arrived at 10 a.m. yeah, but the stadium was full before the match had started. and we were out at 12 a.m (when the match started), but we waited for regretfulness. we didn't know that our bus would leave us alone and we waited for 4 hours to get back home. well, it seemed that the bus came but we all refused because we had called our parents to pick us up and we couldn't canceled it. so wait under the sun which is so hotttttttttt on that day. meet a foreigner from German. he's a technical official in water-ski, and some of us took photos with him, but I didn't because I don't have any camera and they are too egoist! they asked me to take their photos but when I asked them back, they just "bah" "cuih". oh gosh, remind me not to be friend with them again!

butttt , i don't mind about it right now. what I should mind about right now is those assignment. gosh, I don't think that my teacher won't angry to us because we always cancel to submit it. and I should finish it if I want to relax!

well, tomorrow is Monday and no problem, we have holiday till Tuesday. thanks to SEA GAMES for all the holiday. at least I could finish all things and have fun! really want to watch Closing Ceremony of SEA GAMES later on Tuesday, but I think my mom won't permit me. :(

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