Journal 36 : Nervous!!

Mood : fiuhhhh~
Listen to : I forget what song I just sang!

yeah, you know! I got this feeling just a few minutes ago, before I pressed that button "post"! ugggghhhh, I feel release *?*. something like that. hahaha

oh nooooo, this week is HELL! got a test every day in every subject. just what the h*ll is that!
I can't read those books of mine , just delivered on my hand... >.<
but I have to wait till next week, at the SEA GAMES closing ceremony (we have 2 days holiday for it) and I can read them. I'll keep them till the time. I'll get what I've been waiting for if I wait patiently. >.<

yeah yeah, don't remind me! I have lotsa assignment to do so I should off right now. though I really want to online for moreeeee longgggg time. hihihi...

and guess what (What??!! you should off!) I'll face my semester exam in this 2 weeks. wish me luck! on Dec 5! :(())

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