Journal 34 : Sometimes what we need is time...

Mood : desperately.
Listen to : the sound of my computer. hnggggg...~

yaa. sometimes what we need is time. but just regret it that we just have 24 hours that most of them we use it for school more than 12 hours and sleep for just 8 hours. duhh. i don't think the rest of it I could use it to finish those tasks.

and yeahh, I need longer time to think over my decision. everything becomes so unstable. i don't know what path should I take. i wanna take psychology, but realize I wanna take hospitality, and suddenly change to tourism. i think tourism has everything what I want. history, meeting people, language, culture, and else. but, my mom still not sure. ah, I think I should take what my mom wanted. she really wants me to take accounting or business, but I don't want to. It's really boring when I took economic and accounting for 3 years and should learn it for 3 years more? No way! that will be dead boring! so I want to try something new!

jika jurusan itu ada, walaupun sedikit peminat, pasti ada lowongan kerja, untuk kita, sekecil apapun peluangnya, juga asal kita berusaha to take that chance!

PS : rasa-rasanya judul post ini ga sesuai dengan isinya. ah sudahlah, keren juga judulnya. hihi

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