Journal 29 : Memories.

Mood : melancholic.
*credit: photo is mine
taken by CANON (i don't know what series)

When I found some photos from past, I felt something hngggg.. melancholy? Felt to remember them again, and wish to have same experience at this time also.

what is that called? hnggg, suddenly I totally forget about what is that called about.

talking about memories. some of them , today, being remembered again by me. because I , unexpectedly, looking for another things but found these memories.

today is raining (almost), I love the weather, the wind, it's really hmmmm.... cold, cool, but fresh! :))

I wish this will stay in a long time.

I just confused lately,
I thought they were my friends, but behind, they talk other.
they lied, they said something that may be true, but also hurt me.
what must I do? still consider them as my friends or not?
at school, I made a poem, but in Indonesia, and I don't think it's a poem since I just put al words I wanted to speak and kindaaaaa hnggg, stupid. :))

have a good day :D

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