Journal 28 : Misunderstanding

Mood : hnggg... -__________- *think*

Lately, I was thinking about how people see me in their perspective. and I realized that some people saw me like I'm such a nuisance. and I know this guy, he thinks that maybe I like him in form of love, but really, I think he's quite stupid to think like that. I even never think of being his gf, but just want to be friend, maybe I'm quite talkative, but I didn't mean to be a nuisance. haaa, sometimes I don't know why I can't stop talking or lower my voice. maybe that's adapted from my family. :(( such a misunderstanding.

and you know, I'm also always in this misunderstand state. I can't understand easily about what people had in their head, what they are talking about, what they feel about me or something else.

recently, I love to shop online, they really had some magic in it, I think. LOL. they gave us lotsa discount, but still we should pay the shipping cost which is quite expensive. :(

aaaaaa. why this misunderstanding must be continued? it really IS nuisance!

PS : I had accounting competition tomorrow, wish me luck, guys! :)

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