Journal 25 : Debate!


Debate. One thing that I know I can't do well. Speaking in front of people without stuttering is something hard to do. When I saw some participant was actively giving questions to the speaker, I just gawked and silent.
I wish I could do debate although I don't win but at least I won't stutter in front of the adjudicators and speak slowly. :(

aaaaaaaa. why is he avoiding me? what is my mistake? wish there is no thing.
난 널 좋아해 (nan neol joh-ahae) I always want to say this. :(
but it would be better for me to stop expecting something impossible. :(

I learnt Hangeul now. wow, it's quite easy, later on , I should learn how to compose a sentence by using Hangeul. remember of Hangeul remind me of hiragana and katakana I haven't finished yet.

right now, I should look for some data or I'll can't say anything tomorrow. :)
have a nice rest all :)

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