Journal 24 : 10th grade student

Mood : :D

Do I look like a 10th grade student??? oh noooo, you know, our new native speaker and a boy from 11th grade said so. I don't know how to react, a compliment or a mock. Maybe this is my mistake to have such a cute face *plak* ;P

I just realized that stand with a foreign people is not really cool. I heard they speak and their voice were heard as "ngiiingggg" voice. hahaha. Because I'm not an active speaker, that's why I'm not good at listening but speaking.

Tonight I'm free, but I don't know what will happen tomorrow. ughhhh, I have to concentrate on the debating competition, that's why I said like that (read above). I got a training from our native speaker who came from America and will stay here about 9 months maybe. This year is our last year to have native speaker. Usually, each school just have 2 years to have a native speaker, but our school is special case because ummm many many reasons I think, but I don't know what the reasons are.

I just got a comment about "my 10th-grade-student face" from my friend. She said that your junior is underestimate you, huhu. So, that freshman trying to underestimate me? hah! You choose a wrong person , dude! just watch your step.
Actually,. first I just be a positive thinking, but let's have a negative thinking of this problem. LOL.

Last but not least because I will still write journal, I'm going to sleep, it's near 9 p.m now here. Byeeee~

PS : my book is going to come next week~ aaaaaa~ i'm waiting for you~~~ :DD

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