Journal 22 : online shopping.

Mood : Excited
Listen to : Brilliant Legacy OST - Crazy In Love

waiting for my packet! when will it arrive? and what items will be ordered next? how much money still I have. oh, lately I become spendthrift. wish my mom won't blame on me. :((

lagi pengen novel2. SeoulMate, Bubble Love (2"nya dari Lia Indra Andriana), komik2 yang lagi dalam proses nunggu "duit cair" biar bisa transfer tar. bando haruhi-ku, smoga mbak yg jual mau nanggepin aq coz I'm serious, really want it!!! karaoke, pengen bangettttt, sayang smua masih ragu sm ajakanku. mana pas pula ada bazar d sekolah. jadinya pengen ngabisin uang d skolah deh, tapi ga ah, rugi. huh :P

last night, my dream seemed so real. ugh, am I always looking at him? looking for him? like him? oh no, stop it, it must be an illusion.
I don't wanna be a nut!

Last time I checked, I'm still the same me except with those illusion keep following me. aaaaaaaaaa. #stress

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