Journal 21 : Lately

Listen to : OST. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Someday I Will Be Good Enough
Mood : flat

many things happened, but I forget it all.
today I had accounting test, ugh, I don't think I could pass it.
Wednesday, I had computer test, ow sh*t, I was wrong and my balance sheet doesn't balance at all!
Thursday, I think I had sport test, yes, I did it, a lil' bit wrong when my leg was bend to right-side while do rolling.
and when I got my sociology test? I forget. maybe it's on Friday. ugh, I don't remember. That's so bad. my answers are wrong. not all, just some but the teacher said half of class didn't pass his test. :((

lately, I guess I'm so addicted to online shop. I love shopping via online, buy some cute stuffs and comics, but I just realized, I'm such a troublesome to my friend, because I keep bothering her with my question " have you already transferred the money yet?""have the stuffs come yet?"
oh my God, I believe that I'm such a nuisance for her. Forgive me, Yu-chan!

I really curious with this Namida Usagi comic from Usami Tae. Do you know it? Have you already read it? tell me how the story is and in what volume it ends?
reply me from comment below. thanks!

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