Journal 13 : to remember

ah, I forgot my latest post from 2010, List Post for 2011 , I promised to write some reviews, but I remember that I wrote those on my tumblr. If you want to find those reviews, maybe I should seek those because I'm not sure (that you and I can find it (by)) with the labels. Right now (11.25 p.m) I'm trying to find and copy it to this post. wish you guys want to read it although just want to take a look. It's okay for me.

If you have tumblr, make sure "love" it or reblog it. I'd be lovely. (am I going to be British?)

  1. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
  2. My Princess
  3. Secret Garden
  4. Dream High
  5. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

LinkThese are my reviews during holiday, I thought that I have reviewed so many, but look like, no.
see you around

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