Change Background~

Did u see that?? I changed it~ from gloomy purple became sunny road. It was taken from Kimi ni Todoke season 2 if I'm not mistaken. my friend gave it to me. But I haven't watched the anime version. I'll download it later. :D

About my blog. You know what, if you want to see the quote's side, and wanna know another quote, just refresh the page, and ta-da~ they change to another quote. I found it just now, when I didn't suppose to refresh the page. hehehe.


maybe for more information, I'll add it later. see ya. :)

PS : yawn, i spent so much money that I can't afford it. huft. hope that i'll get much luck this month.


  1. hey hey hey i gave it to you haha hum, i think that's from kimi ni todoke season 1 (i'm forget too kkkk~) file video season 2 aku ado cim.. minta lewat FD bae kagek wkwkwk

  2. iaaa. emang kau bukan temen aku? hahaha. ooo, gtuu, kirain season 2, kau sndiri bilang gtuu. hahaha.