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today, a lil' crazy

was given lotsa assignments. don't think i would do it all. although having 1 week holiday. huwaaaa... so boring lately. need refreshing! but mom and dad too busy to have refreshing thing. my best-buddy? i don't know. they have their own world lately. i feel so lonely, and no one accompany me as partner-of-crime

wanna do some KARAOKE!!! *kara oukestura*

watching Pride and Prejudice, i don't know from what version is, but really enjoy it. huwaaaaa, Mr. Darcy is sooooo handsome! I love his cool-hearted-outside-but-warm-inside character. he is perfectly my type! ahaha... just kidding. still, he's too perfect till I can't believe this kind of man would exist in this world :P

btw, i change my blog title. from 'life goes on' become 'speak now'. it's inspired by Taylor Swift album, and i think i always speak out from blogging, not in 'speaking' case.

PS : forgot to give title just now

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