my night, and Kim Taeyeon's Birthday

i can't sleep although i'm so sleepy...

wat are u doing at this kind of time?

usually, it must be an owl which haven't got to bed.

and now, me too... huhu...

just now, just realized, feel doki doki when he said something that related to me. just expected , does he really care about me? i hope it's not just a friendship, but i know, if i did it, i won't get any kind of friendship nor relationship.

can u guys just tell me what should i do? although i know what i should do at this time. just being stable in this friendship.

"please, don't go from me. just wait me, and if you don't like me anymore, just tell me, and i'll leave you, will never see you again as your wish."

if i just could make any sense of this!!! argh... *meracau*

btw, happy birthday Kim Taeyeon, the dorky leader of SNSD, wish you all the best, more mature and wiser, and will always be the leader of SNSD!


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