i miss this moment...

for one reason why i love tonight is my mom was here and sat together with us in the dining room,
while waiting for dad came back from his badminton activity.
that was so nice.
laughing, have chatting, made meat bun, had another cup of tea :D
i hope we all have another happy time like before, when i was a kid.
the hectic-activities has separated us from doing this kind of meeting.
we just greeting each other with good morning, good night.
and have no time to have lunch together or something together. :(
i'll miss it all..
the best time is when all member of family are sitting together in the dining room and have chatting, jokes and laughing, share story :D

and i miss when all my cousins were here and we have lotsa fun time :D
but now, some of them are in college and some are working now, so, we're the younger just have school time less fun :(
the second-best time is, when all cousins are here and we do some crazy things! LOL.

i miss all my primary school friends, my JHS friends, they all gave me lotsa fun moments. we did crazy that time. hahaha~ but not like this time. all SHS students must be serious in study so that we could pass in to university without any placement test.
i wanna do reunion, but they have no time like me to. well, i did give them my time, but they can't. everyone's schedule seems different each other.
but we did reunion 2 years ago, at my primary school. hahaha
the third-best time is reunion. hahhaa. XD

i think that's all.
my goshhh~ how many things i miss it today~ :')
tell me about yours too~ i'm waiting ;)

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