i'm really sorry to u, dear my friend
u can say i'm a blabbermouth
u can say i'm a backstabber
but actually, i never wanted to do anything which can hurt u purposely
it' done without i knew
i never want n i never will do something stupid like that
i'm really sorry for what i've done if it hurts you
and it's all up to u, still be my friend or not
and i didn't expect for a friend, i just want someone wanna believe me
and i know i'm not a good secret-keeper
don't pretend to be my friend after all
coz it's disgusting
i'm sorry, everything is my mistakes
that's all

u never asked my promise not to tell it to everyone
i knew it, and just so u know, i just told it to my very best-friends, so that they can give u advice, their opinion, etc.
i'm really sorry if what i did is wrong and it's hurt u so much.

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