negative thinking

WARNING : SUCKS ENGLISH, BAD GRAMMAR AND Vocabs, MISSPELLED, don't understand? just out from your window

this is me. welcome back
just didn't online for 2 days maybe. but it feels so longggggggg

yes! that's me. always negative thinking, pessimistic
but actually, i always care to my friends
although not at all

i regret why i should be in negative thinking to others when i didn't know their true personality
and i learnt, we shouldn't consider others as what we see now, but try to see them from the objective side, not subjective

today, i realize, what proverb said "don't judge the book by its cover" is true!
i had judged my classmate, that she was annoying, i don't like her attitude which i thought that she's arrogant. but at that time, she proved it that she's funny, she's humble, nice, and good :)

and i saw others from objective side, that they really do good, but before , i always said that they're stupid, annoying, or whatever.

nah, from what i learnt today , we shouldn't judge people by first impression, we should judge them from the other side
and i think, if they're not good to be your friend after you judged them, leave them

thank you for reading :))

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