penyesalan selalu datang terlambat..

ya know it?
that's phrase from indonesia..
i know it..
when it had happened to me..
so bad..
n ridiculous..
i hope today will end fast..
but i dont think they wanna do it for me..
i think im alone right now..
but i know they will always be beside me,,
but i know too , that i ignore them..
why? because i dont want they see my weakness..
i hate to be weak.. that despise me..
but i cant prevent it.. like it chase me to the end..
maybe today im so stressful.. so i digress like this...

1 comment:

  1. wawwwwwww,,,,,,,
    emNg pnyesalan selalu datang terakhir.....
    tapi di harap kan kita dapat memetik hikmanya......
    ""kayak ustad aja""

    jd follow aQ ea.......