"get a chance? take it!"

if u think that we won't have any chance at this time..
never try to give up..
because if we don't get it, we can get another one..
n if u have a chance, never let it go..
because, once a good chance is gone.. it will be gone forever...
remember : banana bears fruit but once!

n u know.. i got some reflection that, u shouldn't stay in ur hometown if u get chance to school abroad.. don't be afraid that u won't get any friends there.. well, everyone's everywhere, n we can get more (cooler) friends than we have now..!
n dun worry , u can learn everything step by step.. n pliz remember, we shouldn't try negative things from anyone, anywhere, or anything..
we dun wanna do something -that everyone thing- stupid right?

ah! i hv one advice! if u are given something by unknown person/people, smell it first! if the smell like green tea, that's a marijuana...
that's impossible for everyone to bring green tea everywhere!

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