Banana Bears Fruit But Once!

well , u should read this one... i just give u all suggestion, n this dialog have very good moral message... i got it from my english course XD

+ You are an easy going young man. You belong to one of those lazybones too

- So what? It won't make any difference. hey say I'm fortunate. I have got anything I want. There's nothing for me to worry about. So, why should I care?

+ I have the same opinion like you long ago. i belong to a wealthy family. I never try to educate myself. I was an extravagant girl. I led a fast life.

- That's my duplicate. I don't see anything wrong there. By the way, how come you are poor now?

+ Soon , my parents died. I had no capability in business, besides I fell into bad company. I squandered my father's fortune to its last cent. And here I am as you can see me now.

- How very touching! You let the good chance pass by. Another good chance might come again in your life.

+ Nonsense! Banana bears fruit but once. Once a good chance is gone, it will be gone forever.

- I hope it won't happen to me.

+ It certainly will if you keep on living like this. But you still have a good chance. You are still young.

- What is your advice? I don't want such things happen to me...

+ Very good. Please turn over a new leaf. Educate yourself, avoid bad company, live reasonable, and you will be somebody someday.

- Thank you very much for your very valuable advice.

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